Earth Moving Equipment

Earth moving equipment rentals in Lansing, MI.  Wide range of products for the job site contractor or residential homeowner.  Mini Excavators, skid steer loaders, trenchers, utility tractors and more.

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About Our Earth Moving Equipment Rentals

Large fleet of earth moving rental equipment ranging from mini excavators, skid steer loaders and trenchers.  These heavy duty, rental tough machines are perfect for job site contractors or at home for your next project.  Our Large fleet of mini excavators range in size from 4000lbs to 13,000 lbs. Wheeled and track skid steer loaders, along with mini skid steer loaders.  Additionally, we rent walk-behind  3ft and 4ft trenchers.  All rental machines can be easily transported with a standard equipment trailer and a full size pick up truck.

What Is Earth Moving Equipment?

Heavy equipment that typically carries out heavy operations in the construction domain and involves earthworks is categorized as earth moving equipment. Generally, these vehicles can dig and move big chunks of the earth. In addition, they are used for laying the foundations for buildings, landscaping, and other similar jobs.

Heavy trucks, machines and construction and engineering equipment, heavy hydraulics, and heavy vehicles used in earthworks are also referred to as earth moving equipment. Generally, most of this equipment uses hydraulics as the primary driving source.

Most Commonly Rented Earth Moving Equipment

Most of the earth moving equipment rentals provide the following equipment given that these are the most demanded ones for different earth-related operations:

  • Mini Excavators: for landscaping and relatively smaller projects
  • Sod Cutters: for cutting through the sod to prepare lawns
  • Backhoes: for midsized renovation projects
  • Skidsteer and Mini Skidsteers: for digging in construction and landscaping
  • Boom Lifts: reaching higher spots during construction, landscaping, cleaning, etc.
  • Augers: digging holes into the ground up to medium depths
  • Trenchers: for dig narrow trenches, typically for drainage

Difference between Small Earth Moving Equipment and Heavy Equipment

Primarily, small earth equipment is used for more confined job sites. This equipment provides better mobility to the drivers, especially when dealing with uneven ground. Typically, small earth moving equipment is used for minor digging, loading, and earthmoving jobs. For instance, a mini excavator qualifies as small earth equipment having a towing load of under 6 tons.

On the other hand, heavy equipment is designed to take up bigger jobs. For instance, digging for the base of a building is a well-suited job for a heavy-duty excavator. Likewise, heavy-duty equipment uses the hydraulic mode of power transmission in most cases.

How to Rent

Delivery and pick up is available.  Reserve, rent and pay online with our new web based ordering system. Renting has never been easier.  Click the “rent online” button located on each product page to begin the process.   After you are done entering items into your cart, you will be prompted to set up an account and acknowledge and accept our standard rental contract terms.  Lastly, you will be taken to the payment screen where you will enter payment information.  Your credit card is charged after you have received a confirmation from our system verifying the availability of the rental unit.  We look forward to serving you!