Skid Steers

Skid Steer loaders in Lansing, MI

AC&E Rentals has a wide selection of Bobcat and skid steer loader rentals and heavy duty construction equipment available in Mid-Michigan to make the toughest jobs go smoothly. Whether you are a job site contractor or you are taking on an ambitious home project, skid steer loaders are one of the most useful and versatile machines you can rent. From excavation to brush removal, minor demolition, street and sidewalk sweeping, resurfacing, soil conditioning and more, we have a skid steer rental in Lansing to do the job. In addition to a variety of skid steers and Bobcat rentals, we also provide many versatile skid steer attachments.

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Get More Done With Mid-Michigan Skid Steer Rentals

The right Mid-Michigan skid steer rental can turn a week-long project into a day-long one. Skid steers and Bobcats are high-powered, compact and easy-to-use machines that are suitable for projects at home or on the job site. Instead of hiring a crew, you can rent a Lansing Bobcat and take on your outdoor excavation yourself. With the right skid steer attachments, there’s few limits to what these powerful machines can do. Businesses and residents throughout Mid-Michigan rent skid steers and attachments to help with all of the following projects and many more;

  • Installing fences
  • Surfacing driveways
  • leveling terrain
  • Conditioning soil
  • Removing trees and brush
  • Parking lot and driveway sweeping
  • Clearing garden space
  • Removing construction debris
  • Installing decks or patios
  • Demolition

Find The Right Skid Steer Rental For The Job

With track skid steer loaders, mini skid steers, rollers, brush hog and a host of attachments, it can be difficult to find the right tool for the job. Whether you just need one versatile skid steer rental for a single project or you want to rent a variety of equipment to tackle a full-scale construction project, we can help. Browse the equipment available or contact us to learn more about Bobcats and skid steer rentals in Lansing, MI

What is the Difference Between a Skid Steer and a Wheel Loader?

Skid steers can perform various jobs with great efficiency because of their intriguing design. The independent movement of each side of the wheels lets the driver skid the vehicle in any direction with the help of a joystick. A skid steer rental is a perfect answer for jobs that require more complex movements in any direction.

On the other hand, the wheel loaders have articulated steering, which uses a pivot point to turn the vehicle. Hence, it cannot skid like a skid steer. Instead, it typically maneuvers like any other car or truck. But thanks to articulated steering, there is smoother movement, extended tire life, and less ground disruption during movement.