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Mini Excavator Rentals in Lansing, Mi.  We have a wide selection of earth moving equipment for any construction project.  From 1.7 metric ton to 5.5 metric ton excavators.  Our small, medium and Large machines are reliable and productive.  Perfect for any construction project small or large for the professional contractor or residential homeowner.  3800#, 8000# or 13,000# machines available today.

  • Industry leading quality
  • Proven Reliability
  • User Friendly
  • Competitive rental rates
  • Features auto idle and “ECO” fuel saving technology
  • Models:  Yanmar VIO17, VIO35 and VIO55 (enclosed cab and hydraulic thumb)
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The newest model mini excavators take advantage of cutting edge of technology with advanced fuel management and telematics.   It uses a triple stacked hydraulic pump system that provides consistent power and strength.  Additionally, removing and attaching buckets is easy with a hydraulic coupler and  it also offers a 2-way valve that allows operator control pattern change from ISO to Standard.

Yanmar VIO17 has a 14.5 hp diesel engine, max dig depth of 7’7″ with total reach of 12′ 2″ and is a true zero-tail swing machine.  Equipped with adjustable tracks that hydraulically adjust the machine width from 49″ to 37″.  The backfill blade “folds” to match the track width.  This unit packs a punch with total bucket breakout force of 3400lbs.  Additionally, has both excavator and backhoe operator control patterns can be switched with the flip of a lever in just seconds.

VIO 17 Yanmar Mini Excavator

  • 3800lbs
  • 7′ 7″ dig depth
  • 18″ wide bucket
  • Backfill blade
  • Expandable tracks

VIO35 Yanmar Mini Excavator

  • 8000lbs
  • 11′ dig depth
  • 12″ or 18″ bucket
  • Back fill blade
  • pilot controls

VIO55 Yanmar Mini Excavator

  • 13,000lbs
  • 13′ dig depth
  • 24″ or 30″ bucket
  • Back fill blade
  • EROPS, hydraulic thumb
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