Rent a Trencher in Lansing, MI

If you are installing pipes, fencing, cables, drainage ditches or you have another long digging project ahead of you, rent a trencher in Lansing to finish the job fast. Trenchers take the exhausting shoveling out of the process and allow you to make clean, even trenches simply by walking behind the machine. There are no complicated controls to learn and no other attachments required. With a Mid-Michigan trencher rental, you can simply turn your machine on and get started.

We have 3 ft and 4 ft Ditch Witch trenchers for rent in Lansing and Okemos, with rental time frames suitable for big and small projects. The powerful, adjustable arm on the trencher allows you to choose the depth of your trench. Select a low depth to cut thin, subtle trenches for minor projects. Dig deeper for pipes, cables or other materials that must be safely buried.

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Faster, Easier, Neater Trenches

Digging a trench by hand is not only exhausting, but it’s also difficult to get the right depth and direction. It’s frustrating to dig a trench only to realize you’ve strayed from the path or made the trench too shallow. When you rent a trencher in Mid-Michigan from AC&E Rentals, you can plot your path, select your depth, and make the perfect trench. The hydrostatic drive and 31 hp engine does the work for you, making clear, consistent cuts the entire way. The 4 ft or 3 ft trencher will cut trenches 6 in wide and up to 48 in deep. Since the trencher is lighter, easier to handle and easier to maneuver than a mini excavator, it’s ideal for landscaping or working around existing structures.

Schedule a rental trencher in Lansing today to get started on your landscaping updates or overhauls. Reserve your rental for an afternoon, a whole day, a week or more to make sure your project is completed.