3ft Walk Behind Trencher

Rent a Ditch witch C24X Walk-Behind 3ft Trencher

Irrigation systems, Silt fence, Electric/utility lines

Our 3ft walk behind Trencher rental, like our 4ft rental, is the reliable Ditch Witch brand .  This rental trencher is the popular  C24X ,with up to a 36” digging depth for efficient installation of pipe and cable.



3ft Trencher

Rent a walk behind trencher for trench digging

Our 3ft walk behind Trencher rental, like our 4ft, is also a Ditch Witch model only this one being a C24X with up to a 36” digging depth for efficient installation of pipe and cable. All of our rental trenchers are track driven and hydraulically powered, with no belts, and are ready to tackle big or small jobs for the contractor or home owner.

The C24X walk behind 3ft trencher rental is every bit as powerful as our 4ft trencher in perspective to the maximum trencher depth its designed to do.

Equipped with a 22 horsepower Honda GX690 engine and CX Track system (this system uses a short left track and longer right track) that makes for much better maneuverability, traction, and even shortens the overall length so you can reach hard to work areas and make easy work of any up coming trencher projects.


Ditch Witch C24X 3ft Trencher Walk-Behind



  • Head-shaft height: 13.7″
  • Length: (up to) 94″
  • Width, transport: 35.8″
  • Height, transport: (up to) 63″
  • Centerline trench to outside edge machine:
  • Left 17.2″
  • Right 18.6″


Engine: Honda GX690
Fuel: Gasoline
Cooling: medium Air
Number of cylinders: 2
Manufacturer’s net horsepower: rating 22 hp
Rated speed: 3,600 rpm

Power Train

Ground drive Hydraulic, Infinite variable from zero to maximum, speed and direction control
Digging chain drive Hydraulic direct drive, one speed forward and reverse
Pump drive Direct drive from engine
Track width 8″ 200 mm
Trencher drive
Hydraulic Direct drive
Digging chain 19K, 33K and 35K
Ground pressure 4.5 psi


Digging chain speed @ 3,600 rpm
Auger type Single, open end
Auger diameter: 17″
Trench cleaner type Mechanical
Trench cleaner size: 4-6″
Operating weight: (up to) 1,915 lb

Fluid Capacities

Fuel tank 6.2 gal
Engine oil 1.8 qT
Hydraulic system 11 gaL

Trench size, max

Depth 36″
Width 6″

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