Jackhammer Rentals

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What Can Jackhammers be Used For?

A jackhammer is a pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric drill that is used to break hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. They take the grunt work out of hard labor by combining a hammer and chisel into a single, powered tool that is highly effective when dealing with hard objects.

Jackhammers have many uses and are one of the most valuable and effective tools on any construction site. They are powerful and heavy, requiring operators who are well-trained and experienced.

Due to its power, a jackhammer requires significant strength to operate safely and should be treated with respect.

How Do I Choose the Right Jackhammer Rental?

Jackhammers are powered in different ways depending on their size and intended use. They can be pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric. 

Pneumatic Jackhammers (AC&E Rentals 90lb Jackhammers & Air Jackhammers) – This is the version of the jackhammer that is most familiar. It is powered by a line of compressed air that is attached to a compressor. These jackhammers are extremely powerful, creating a loud noise. They require safety equipment and training to operate.

Electric Jackhammers – These have become more popular of late as they have grown more powerful. They are a great option as they produce no emissions and require minimal maintenance. 


What Else Should I Consider When Renting a Jackhammer?

Another consideration for renting a jackhammer is the depth of concrete you need to break.

When considering a jackhammer, a good rule of thumb is it every 10 pounds the jackhammer weighs, it can break that much in inches of concrete. So, a 30lb jackhammer will break up toe 3 inches while a 90lb will breakup to 9 inches.

As for AC&E Rentals:

  • AC&E’s Electric Jackhammer can break up to 6 inches of concrete.
  • AC&E’s 60lb Air Jackhammer can break up to 8 inches of concrete.
  • AC&E’s 90lb Jackhammer can break up to 9 inches of concrete.