Brush Hog Rentals

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What is a Brush Hog?

A brush hog is a type of rotary mower that is most often attached to a skidsteer. The blades of a brush hog are different from those on a conventional mower as they are not rigidly attached. 

A brush hog’s blades are hinged to allow for movement in the event of a strike on something hard like a rock or stump. This avoids damage to the brush hog.

These hinges allow the brush hog to cut through thicker vegetation with speed and efficiency. Also, the blades are not sharpened to the same level as a traditional mower as they are not intended for finishing applications. 

What Should I Consider When Renting a Brush Hog?

The main consideration will be based on what type of brush you are working with. Depending on the density, you will need to choose between the 2 types of brush hogs AC&E offers ( Extreme Duty versus Duty Brush Hog Attachments) or if a walk-behind is needed for more basic, less dense situations.


What Types of Brush Hog Rental Equipment does AC&E Rentals provide??

There are several types of brush hog rentals to choose from, depending on the intended use and application. They can be rented in flex-wing, single-spindle, or multi-spindle variants and all have different characteristics.

  1. Extreme Duty Brush Hog Attachments: These are best for medium to heavy density brush and hardwoods of diameters up to 7″ inches. To be used with a skidsteer.
  2. Standard Skidsteer Duty Brush Hog Attachment: Perfect for overgrown grass fields and small tree saplings and brush up to 2 inch diameter.  Cutting width of 60″ and total attachment weight of 1120 lbs. To be used with a skidsteer.
  3. High Weed Mowers: A walk-behind mower best used to cut brush up to 1.25″ in diameter and  has a 28″ cutting width in smaller mowing applications.