60 lb Air Jackhammer

60 lb air hammer, normally rents with a towable air compressor and hose.  Accepts 1 1/4″ bits. Has a cam locking lever to secure the bit.  Available bits include; points and chisels, post driver and more.

Rental Prices:

4hrs: $40.00

Day:  $60.00

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60 lb Air Jackhammer

60 lb Air Jackhammer rents with a 185 CFM towable air compressor.  Capable of breaking concrete up thick concrete pours, up to 8″ thick.  All jackhammers are equipped with the standard, chicago-style fittings, making it compatible with all other air hose and compressors.  Accepts 1 1/4″ bits.  Standard array of tooling including; point, 2″ and 4″ chisels, asphalt and clay spades, post/stake driver and more.

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