185 CFM Air Compressor

185 CFM capacity.  Powered with a diesel and has a 2″ towing hitch .  Chicago style fitting hose @ 50 ft. lengths rented separately.


Rental Price

Day: $190.00

Week: $570.00

4 weeks:  $1,190.00

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185 CFM Air Compressor, Towable

The PDS185 series provides proven power, reliability, longevity, and the superior fit and finish that Airman is known for. If you want bulletproof, don’t settle for anything less than this quality air compressor product.

Engine idles as low as 1,300 RPM which not only increases fuel economy but also reduces component wear.

  • Direct-line air intake means there are no door inlets, and the rear louvers are designed to deter wind-driven rain.
  • Free air delivery is increased due to a step-up ratio in the air-end.
  • Improved cooling system allows operation at a maximum ambient temperature of 113 °F (45 °C). Safety is enhanced with LED taillights, and a wider stance and large 14″ tires for better towing stability. Includes upgraded LED gauges with a new diagnostic panel, and a low fuel shutdown system.
  • Lockable gull-wing style doors with gas struts allow easy one-hand operation and virtually lift themselves to provide access to a larger compartment – large enough to hold 90 lb (40.8 kg) breakers, and various tools and hoses.
  • Perfect machine for the highway/road or bridge construction contractor or a professional concrete contractor that specializes in flat and finish work, this machine gets the job done.  Coupled with an air hose and a 60# or 90# air hammer, it’s designed for concrete demolition of driveways, sidewalks, front porches, bridge decks, roadways and more.
  • Provides enough impact power to break through concrete pours of up to 8″ thick.  Don’t waste time with electric jackhammers, use the right tool for the job.
  • Rent it today for a day, week or month rental period.

Here are the jackhammer rental options available for this air compressor:

90lb Jackhammer


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