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Traditional Aerial Booms, Towable bucket and scissor lifts, lightweight self-propelled, Aerial Work Platforms

Rent a lift today!  Large selection for Contractors and homeowners

We rent a large selection of Aerial Lift Equipment  in Lansing, MI.   Indoor and outdoor scissor lifts,  towable bucket lifts, lightweight self-propelled, large diesel booms and telescoping forklifts. We have the aerial lift rental equipment  for any construction project.  We cater to professional contractors, landscapers and arborists and residential homeowners.

  • Scissor lifts from 19′-39′
  • Towables  from 45′-71′
  • Self Propelled’s  from 45′-61′
  • Telehandlers, 19′-36′ and 5500-6000# cap
  1. Experienced and knowledgeable staff to answer all of your questions.
  2. Available Brands and models: Genie models: 1930S, 2632S, TZ50, S-45, Z45/25, 5519, GTH636, AWP30

 Haulotte models: 3368RT, 4527A, 5533A, 6543A, 45XA, 55XA

Towable lifts:

Towable Aerial Lift, 71′ working Height, Haulotte 6543A

61ft. Towable Articulating Lift

Towable Aerial Lift, 56′ working height, Genie TZ-50

Towable Bucket Lift, 51′ working height, Haulotte 4527A

Lightweight Self Propelled

51ft. Aerial Lift Articulating Self Propelled W/Outriggers, 4X4 Gas/DC

60ft Articulating Lift, 4X4, Gas/DC, Haulotte 55XA

Traditional Self Propelled

Genie S-45 Aerial Boom Lift

Genie Z45/25RTJ, 51ft boom lift

Scissor lifts

19ft Scissor Lift, Genie 1930S

26ft. Scissor Lift Hard Surface

Scissor Lift 4×4, 33 ft. Rough Terrain, Diesel

Aerial Lift Work Platform 35 ft. 6 Inches AWP-30S


Genie 5519 Compact Telehandler

Genie GTH-636 Full Size Telehandler


Grand Ledge Location
Phone: (517) 627-2121
Okemos Location
Phone: (517) 349-2220

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Haulotte 6543A towable lift rental
6543 Towable lift rental
AC&E Rentals Inc
19ft scissor lift
19ft scissor lift
full size telehandler AC&E Rentals product image
Genie 636 full size telehandler
Genie S-45 aerial lift rental
Genie S-45 Boom Lift AC&E Rentals Inc