Top Dresser Lawn Spreader


     Top Dresser Lawn Spreader


  •  Easy to Operate: Controls allow fingertip access to forward, reverse, brakes and throttle.
  • Power feed that eliminates “bridging” problems common in gravity-fed spreaders.
  • Can be used to apply compost, sand, peat and crumb rubber, regardless of moisture content.
  • Patented technology maintains a consistent application rate regardless of ground speed, perfect for the grounds professional or the do it yourselfer.


Rental Rates:

4hr rental  – $100

 Day rental  – $160

 Week rental – $575

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Top Dresser Lawn Spreader can address a number of lawn related issues.   This is the perfect machine to help level an uneven or bumpy lawn, improve drainage away from the house or eliminate standing water after wet and rainy weather,  or create a seedbed that allows for a fuller and healthier yard.   The Top dresser Lawn Spreader provides the ultimate in spreading capabilities. From spreading compost to topsoil to sand, the patented Chevron belt and Mete-R-Matic system offers the most precise spread available. Rent the top dresser lawn spreader today.