Sewer Camera

Electric Eel Ace XT-512 – Pipe Inspection Sewer Camera

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The Electric Eel Pipeline sewer camera can be used to inspect pipelines ranging from 3 inches to 10 inches, powered by a 120v AC Supply. This unit incorporates a stainless steel housed 1.68” dia. color camera with a Sapphire lens with a 20 LED light ring (which is in an impact-resistant polycarbonate light ring cover) and high resolution CCD element, uses a flexible camera spring designed to navigate 3” P-traps and an auto iris to adjust the lighting automatically. The sonde is (the mechanism that emits the locating frequency signal) industry standard at 512HZ.

This sewer camera is also equipped with a 5.4” LCD monitor with AR film for optimal viewing in sunlight, video output jack for recording option, a 200 ft. braided fiberglass 1/2 inch diameter push rod and a secure locking reel brake.

Whether you are in the professional plumbing business or a frustrated home owner with drain issues our Electric Eel sewer camera will help you locate the problem.

Additionally we have a sonde locator (rented separately) that you can use in conjunction with the sewer camera to help pin-point the location of the obstruction in the pipe you are inspecting. Note: Pipes must be non-metallic.

Schonstedt XT-512 Sewer Camera – Sonde Locator

The XT-512 Can help locate blockages Quickly!

With the XT-512Pipe Inspection Sewer Camera / Sonde Locator you can locate and determine the depth of your sewer/pipe inspection camera or a small sonde. This locator is very useful in locating blockages and obstructions in non metallic pipe.

 Sewer Camera

Electric Eel Ace

Sewer Camera Specs

  • Camera Diameter: 1.68 inches.
  • Cable Length: 200 ft.
  • Minimum Drain Size: 3 inches.
  • Maximum Drain Size: 10 inches.
  • Runs off of 110V electric power source


Schonstedt XT-512 – Sewer Camera / Sonde Locator

Sonde Locator Specs and Other Features

Operates on 512 Hz Frequency mode.
Passive detection of 50Hz or 60Hz, and sonde Rated IP54 Dust & Water Resistant.
One button depth measurement.
Digital readout display of signal strength (peak).
Audio & Visual Output.
Battery & Sensitivity Indicators.
Max. Depth Capability Typical 5-8′ (1.5 – 2.5 m) dependent on signal level emitted by sonde.

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