Mini Skid Steer Rototiller

Mini Skid Steer Rototiller 40 Inch (Attachment only)

The 40FRT Mini Skid Steer Rototiller efficiently breaks up sod and clumps of soil, mixes in compost, prepares soil for seeding.  Mini skidsteer rents separately.

Rental Price:

4hrs: $61.00

Day: $94.00

Week: 281.00




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Mini Skid Steer Rototiller

A mini skidsteer rototiller has many purposes. That includes preparing gardens, food plots, or seeding beds. It utilizes its tined wheels to turn up the soil and break ground up to 4 inches deep. 

You may think shovels, digging forks, and hoes are cheaper options, but this mini skidsteer rototiller is faster and more efficient. Plus, it’s more suitable for smaller spaces, such as home gardens and lawns. The bi-directional rotation of the rototiller helps you to quickly pulverize the soil and cover your tracks with efficiency. As a result, you save a lot of time and manual labor. 

Our 40-inch mini skidsteer rototiller guarantees all these features at premium quality, and you can rent it for affordable rates for hours, days, or weeks.

Available in the Greater Lansing area including Okemos and Grand Ledge.

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• Hardened, replaceable tines cut 6 inches deep.
• Bi-directional shaft undercuts and top cuts in both directions of travel.
• Works efficiently next to walls, fences and other obstacles.