Wood chippers and Stump Grinders

Need it?  Rent It!

Tree and Brush Chippers and Stump Grinder rental


  • Cleans up fallen branches and tree limbs
  •  Use wood chips for mulch in flower beds

Stump Grinders

  • Eliminate unsightly and hazardous tree stumps
  •  Grinds up to 14″ below grade
  • fits through back yard gates


Looking for a wood chippers and stump grinders in Lansing, MI?  Look no further, AC&E Rentals offers several size machines for homeowners and professional contractors and landscapers.  Our power chippers come in a variety of sizes and have gas and diesel engine options.

Wood chippers capacities range from 6″ diameter to 15″ diameter.   Perfect for cleaning up and getting rid of fallen tree limbs and branches after a long winter or after a spring or summer thunderstorms.  All woodchippers are equipped with auto feed that makes operating easy and very efficient.  Our larger diesel powered wood chippers are popular among excavation contractors for wood lot clearing and utility line work. Call and ask us what unit is best for you.  We have knowledgeable and experienced staff that can that can help you for the right equipment for your job.

Our stump grinders are easy to use with operator friendly controls, allowing you to make the most of your rental experience.  A powerful gas engine and hydraulically driven cutting wheel provides unmatched torque and gives you superior performance amongst it’s tree grinder rivals.  Equipped with a 21″ diameter cutting wheel and a 50″ side to side cutter swing, this unit gets the job done.

woodchipper 9" diameter capacity tree chipper rental
bandit woodchipper, 9″ diameter capacity AC&E Rentals Inc Okemos, MI


large woodchipper
Bandit 15″ Woodchipper. 115 HP Tier 4 final engine, Pintle hitch, Autofeed


7 inch woodchipper
7″ wood chipper, AC&E Rentals Inc Okemos, MI


Stump Grinder Rental
Bandit 2250R Stump Grinder Self Propelled