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Wacker RD-12A, ride on, rental asphalt roller rental, is well suited for asphalt repairs on roads, driveways, parking lots and for compaction of soil, sand, gravel, crushed concrete or limestone and rolling your lawn. 

Rental price

4 Hour: $150.00

1 Day: $225.00

1 Week: $675.00

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Asphalt Roller

Wacker Neuson RD-12A Ride-On asphalt roller rental

This asphalt roller rental features easily maneuverability and flush compaction to curbs and obstructions.

This duel drum asphalt roller is 40.7″ wide overall, 71.8″ tall (with the roll bar up) and has an operating weight of 2689 lbs. 


This rental roller has a 20 hp. Honda GX630 which propels this machine 5.4 mph and holds 6.1 gallons of gasoline allowing you more asphalt rolling before needing to be refueled.  The water tank holds 26.4 gallons and has a positive pressure pump delivering a consistent flow of water, keeping your roller drums clear of asphalt, allowing for a professional finish.  It also has 8 variable speeds allowing the operator to adjust the water flow to match the conditions.  The drums are 35.4″ wide and delivers 3400 lbf (front drum) of centrifugal force due to its higher frequency exciter, which allow for higher compaction at a faster rate of speed.

Manufacturer’s unique features and benefits:

  1. The pressurized water system offers consistent water flow and an eight position timer allows the operator to adjust water flow to match conditions.

2. High performance rollers offer excellent asphalt compaction results and reduced sound levels.

3.  Ideally suited for rolling compaction of granular base surfaces and finish layers on road repairs, driveways, parking lots and any asphalt surface.

Technical specifications RD12A-90

Operating data (kg, mm, kh/h)

  • Operating weight w/ ballast 1,220
  • Length – 73″/ Width – 41.4″
  • Drum width 900
  • Drum diameter  560
  • Side clearance Right  45
  • Side clearance Left  89
  • Curb clearance Right  400
  • Curb clearance Left  208
  • Centrifugal force Dynamic (Front Drum) kN 15
  • Frequency  Hz 70
  • Linear force Static (Front/Rear) N/mm  4.9 / 7.1
  • Linear force Dynamic (Front) N/mm 16.8
  • Travel speed Forward  8.7
  • Travel speed Reverse  8.7
  • Surface capacity Area m/h 7,830
  • Gradeability Maximum % 30
  • Turning radius Outside mm 2,451

Engine / Motor

  • Engine / Motor type   air-cooled, 2-cylinder, gasoline engine
  • Engine / Motor manufacturer Honda GX 630
  • Displacement  cm 688
  • RPM / speed Operating Speed rpm 3,100
  • Operating performance Max Rated at 3600 rpm kW  15.3
  • Fuel consumption  l/h  6 6
  • Tank capacity Fuel l  23
  • Tank capacity Water l  100

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