Air Scrubber, HEPA 500

Air scrubber rental for mold remediation and other restoration projects.  Uses a HEPA filter and 2 additional pre-stage filters to collect larger airborne particles.  110V power required.  Control dial lets you control the total air output and air flow.

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1 Day: $59.00

1 Week: $200.00

1 Month: $600.00


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Air Scrubber HEPA 500

Air filtration system for air purification, mold remediation and more.   Total airflow output of 500 CFM.  Designed with a 3 filter system to scrub the air of harmful contaminants and filters up to a 99.97% of airborne pollens, mold and bacteria.  The .3 micron rating qualifies it as a true HEPA filtration system.  In addition to the HEPA filter, this unit has a stage one and stage two filters that are replace after every use and catch the larger contaminants, thus lengthening the useful life of the HEPA filter.  Flow rate sensors measure the amount of air flow and indicate when the HEPA filter is “full” and needs to be replaced.  This unit also features a control dial for total CFM output by increasing or decreasing the speed of the internal fan.  Unit is equipped with 110V plugs with GFI resets.

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