10×12 Climate Controlled Storage Unit

10×12 Climate Controlled

Our 10×12 Climate Controlled Storage Unit provides a safe and dry place to store your most important personal and family items and heirlooms. Not only keep them out of the elements but also inside a temperature and humidity controlled environment. AC&E Rentals Storage facility is located in Grand Ledge, MI.

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10×12 Climate Controlled Storage Unit

The size is preferably smaller when getting climate-controlled storage for just the heirlooms and personal belongings. But, when it comes to furniture, vehicles, and electrical appliances, you will have to think bigger. 

A 10×12 Climate Controlled Storage Unit can benefit you with better and larger storage. This way, it can fit all your sensitive and valuable items away from dirt and debris with ease. It can also be very helpful during extreme weather conditions like flooding or storms. 

In that case, you can instantly transfer your valuables to the storage unit, and they’ll stay safe from any type of harm.

Available in Grand Ledge, Michigan.