mini excavator rental Lansing

Lansing Mini Excavator Rental vio35 is ready to get the job done. 8000lb machine is perfect for landscapers, contractors and residential homeowners. Max dig depth of 11′ and total reach over 17′, this unit combines power and versatility for any construction job site. Adjustable operator control pattern allows you to switch from excavator to backhoe controls within seconds. Comes with a 12′ or 18″ digging bucket and with a standard backfill dozer blade. A triple stack hydraulic pump system distributes hydraulic fluid evenly, reducing cycle lag time and increases productivity and uptime. A great machine that provides plenty of value and ROI for any construction job site contractor, landscaper or residential homeowner. Additionally, the pilot operated controls provide infinite smooth movements, perfect for working in tight work spaces or up against a house or building. Rest assured these machines will leave you asking for more work to do with this well engineered construction machine.