Mini Excavator VIO17A

Mini Excavator VIO17 Rental

Contractors and homeowners love the Mini excavator VIO17 rental machine. Total machine weight is 3800lbs and has a standard operating width of 49″, with an adjustable hydraulic track, the width can be reduced to 37″. This 14.5 hp diesel engine packs a punch and utilizes triple stacked hydraulic pumps to maximize performance by regulating hydraulic fluid evenly between the pumps and the hydraulic circuits. This provides smooth operation to reduce worker fatigue and improves up-time by eliminating lag time between machine operating cycles. Rent a reliable machine that has proven itself year after year. People keep coming back for more Yanmar mini excavators. We are the Lansing equipment Rental experts, serving Mid-Michigan for 55 years. Along with the 7.7ft. dig depth and has a 17 inch bucket, this machine will narrow it’s tracks to fit into even tighter areas.