Mini Excavator VIO17-A Yanmar 1.7 Metric Ton 7.7 Dig Depth 17 Inch Bucket

Yanmar Mini Excavator VIO17 A

VIO17 Mini Excavator Rental Prices

4 Hrs: $155

1 Day: $215

1 Week: $625

True Zero Tail Swing

Take on more jobs in tighter spaces. With true zero tail swing technology, no part of this Mini Excavator ViO17 housing extends beyond the tracks, so you can work efficiently almost anywhere, with less damage to both the machine and the worksite. Plus, you enjoy better visibility for increased performance and safety as well as unbeatable track and undercarriage flexibility. The Mini Excavator VIO17 tracks hydraulically retract to 37 inches for traveling through narrow passageways, and expand to 49 inches for greater stability while digging. Plus, the folding blade provides even more flexibility. This machine will dig 7.7 ft. and additionally has a 17″ bucket.

Pilot Joystick Controls

Joystick pilot controls with control pattern change are standard equipment on the ViO17-A. The easy-to-access valve lets you switch from excavator to backhoe control in just seconds. The wrist control lever and ergonomically designed armrest provide comfortable, easy operation, designed to significantly reduce fatigue on long, tough workdays.

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Mini Excavator VIO17 A Yanmar

Our new Mini Excavator VIO17 goes almost anywhere and works efficiently in tight, narrow areas, as with our SVO8 Ultra Mini Excavator, this compact zero tail swing mini excavator goes where larger excavators can’t and works easily against walls or buildings. But its small stature doesn’t sacrifice power. The 14.5-hp final Tier 4 diesel engine provides the power you need for the toughest jobs, with dramatic excellent lifting capacity and bucket digging force that usually isn’t found in a mini excavator it’s size. Plus the Mini Excavator VIO17 has a sturdy and variable undercarriage which provides flexibility, stability and safety.



Make Yanmar

Model 3TNV70-XBV
Gross Power 13.5 Hp.
Power Measured @ 2200 rpm
Number of Cylinders 3


Operating Weight 3836 lb.
Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure 2987.8 psi
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 15.3 gal/min


Shoe Size 9.1 in 230
Max Travel Speed 2.7 mph


Reference Bucket Capacity 0.05 yd3
Height of Unit 7.5 ft. inches
Max Length of Unit 11.3 ft. inches

Digging Depth 7.2 ft. inches
Reach Along Ground 7.6 ft. inches
Max Loading Height 8.6 ft. inches


Width to Outside of Tracks 4.1 ft. inches
Ground Clearance 0.57 ft. inches
Tail Swing Radius 2.1 ft. inches
Length of Track on Ground 5 ft. inches