Mini Excavator Concrete Breaker Attachment

 Mini Excavator Concrete Breaker Attachment, Palaidin Model SFB500


4 Hrs: $105
1 Day: $157
1 Week: $470

The Paladin Strike Force 500 Mini Excavator Concrete Breaker Attachment is ideal rental tool for mini excavators and skid steer loaders for jobs that need a high breaking capacity and the reliability for a variety of demolition tasks. Ideal for breaking hard rock and reinforced concrete. Whether being a contractor or doing your own renovation our breakers will help make short time of it.

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Mini Excavator Concrete Breaker Attachment

Paladin Strike Force SFB500

This Mini Excavator Concrete Breaker Attachment uses flat face couplers, standard flow hydraulics and is usually universal with other makes and models besides our own. A number of breakers are gas and hydraulic operated. These designs use nitrogen gas in the backhead as a cushion and also, in addition, for increased power. Finally, these breakers may also utilize an accumulator to absorb hydraulic spikes during operation.

More Information:

Working weight 532 lb.
Impact energy class 500
Operating pressure 640~1470 psi
Oil flow range gal/min 10.0~21.9
Tool diameter 2.63 inch.
Pressure line size 19 (3/4)
Return line size 19 (3/4)