Aerial Lift Work Platform 35 ft. 6 Inches AWP-30S

Aerial Lift Work Platform 35 ft. AWP-30S


4 HR: $85

DAY: $125

WEEK: $450

Stabile, Productive and Reliable

Our Genie AWP30S Aerial Lift Work Platform can be easily moved around your worksite and set up in seconds. In addition it is equipped with an auxiliary platform-lowering feature on both platform and ground controls, enabling descent in the event of a power failure. Reaching heights of 35 ft. 6 inches, will allow you to tackle projects that you normally couldn’t, using ladders or scaffolding and is considered much safer.

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35 ft. AWP-30S Aerial Lift Work Platform

The 35 ft. AWP-30S Aerial Lift Work Platform unit will roll through standard doorways for easy access. An exclusive six-point wheel and caster rocker base system also maneuvers easily around corners and over thresholds or debris.

The compact X-pattern outrigger footprint allows access as close as 3 inches from walls. With proximity like that, you’ll be within easy arm’s reach of your job. Simple setup and 6 ft. 7 inches (stowed) to 35 ft. 6 inches of working height make the AWP-30S Aerial Lift Work Platform ideal for applications requiring close access and safer conditions. Here at AC&E we have many various man lift options, one sure to fit your needs.

Additional Information

Model: Genie AWP30S

Working height: 35 ft. 6 inches

Height – Stowed: 6 ft. 6 inches

Width: 2 ft. 5 inches

Platform height: 29 f.t 6 inches

Lift Capacity: 350 lbs.